One Small Step…

Firstly, thank you very much for clicking the link, you have a lot more faith in me than I did as I dropped the link live!

Secondly, HI and welcome! 

I am actually, very, super excited about this blog and have been dreaming of starting one for a long time; but basically I never grew the balls.  Then I reached 20 (+5) and realised that if I don’t write everything down I am 110% going to forget it in 5 years time, because lets face it I ain’t getting any younger.  Unless you really are as young as the man you feel then I have just landed back in my early 20s! GO TEAM!

The past year and a little bitty has literally been the craziest of my life and it is only about to get crazier, so why not share it with everyone, the highs and the lows, the full gory De. Tales.

In 2015 I met a guy, 6ft 2, hilarious and extremely handsome (yes, he is real!), we talked A LOT, fell in love and the rest is written all over my Facebook wall incase you missed any 😉  My point… sorry, getting there, we are about to board the IVF train and make this kitty cat loving duo a trio (MAX of 1 extra Mum).

I wanted to honestly share every step of our IVF journey with you guys because I have searched the internet high and low for other people’s stories and I just keep coming across the usual smile for the camera and tell a good story bull.  I am not down with that, I want to know if your hormone treatment made you cry because you spilt the milk hon, I want to know that you lose sleep at night because you are so worried you’ll disappoint the whole family if shit hits the bloody fan, I want to know what’s real.  So I guess that’s where I step up to the plate, take one for the team and share EVERYTHING.

We are going to know each other really well by the end of this journey, huh?

We have just had our first appointment, which I will share with you very soon!

Talk soon,

Sara xo.




2 thoughts on “One Small Step…”

  1. Looking forward to read all about your ivf journey. Mine is slightly different yet we want to be mums and we will be amazing at it 😊 all worth it at the end x


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