We’re on Our Way!

It has been a while since I tapped it out blog style – I hope January hasn’t been as long for you as it has been for us!

We can finally say we have officially started our IVF journey!!

Let me rewind back to November…

Since my last post and our first appointment we received our IVF pack through the post (A LOT OF PAPER) along with a letter that said “please call us on the first day of your November cycle”.  *FYI – first day of your period*  I was bouncing off the walls because it was the 22nd of November and I knew my December cycle would be due to start.  I started running through all the cute Christmassy ways to announce the start of our journey.

So, I phoned the Assisted Conception Unit and spoke to the team who said that we had “definitely missed the cycle but let’s have a look at when we can get you in”.  Patiently, (while walking from room to room) I waited for the girl to come back and confirm my first appointment and when she did my bubble burst!  We couldn’t start now until after New Year!  Most of the unit was closed over Christmas and they only had enough staff to support people who had already begun their journey.

I had a cry baby day and ordered take away!

On the bright side, we could relax and enjoy our last Christmas just the two of us.  So we chased the blues away and spent some time with our families and brought in New Year with our friends house party style.

Of course, I was watching my cycle app like a hawk and counting down the days to the first cycle of 2018!  My cycle is so irregular! I was convinced it would come early, it is never on time, late or early but never on time – until this month BANG on the dot!

I had been waiting and waiting all day to phone the unit again, got home and I could finally phone (you know, cause it had started…).  I definitely phoned within the same minute, the woman on the other end of the phone actually sounded shocked when I answered her question “When did your cycle start?” and I said “Hmmm, within the last hour I think…“.

We got our appointment and I phoned Fraser as he was still at work and waited eagerly to see his name pop up on my phone and burst with excitement to tell him our appointment was that Monday!

I could barely sleep on Sunday because I was planning the nursery colour scheme, coming home outfits, announcements – you name it, I’ve planned it!

Monday came and we attended the appointment, we had read the schedule we had been sent so we were pretty clued up on how it was all going to work.  I would have a scan, start the hormone injections for 5 days, go for a scan, start the hormone nasal spray or more injections, around a week later they would take my eggs and make a baby!

I had my scan and it appears a cyst has grown on my left ovary and it was around 5cm in size.  We have been told it is nothing to worry about and that it can go away on its own.  However, because we are ready to start treatment we need to shrink it before we move forward to give us the best chance.

They have changed our treatment slightly, so I am now on a hormone that reduces the female hormone in your body in the hope to shrink the cyst.  I take a nasal spray 4 times a day for 2 weeks and then we pop back up for another scan with the hope that it has shrunk!  If not, we will be looking to have it removed.

All going to plan we will start the hormone injections in 2 weeks time and be on our way again!

Until then I am keeping it cool and snorting my hormone!

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